Organizing Homework Files

 Keeping track of Homework

Each of the boys has a file basket for their school papers so I can keep track of their progress, homework, and school notices.   

Their school supplies; their school supplies are kept in the same basket. 

Initial Attempt

At first I used regular file folders but it seemed to get out of control very  quickly and difficult to control the loose papers when we are strapped for time. 

Progressive Success

Instead of file folders, I found the folders with the bending tabs work better so I could keep the important papers secure and easily accessible and then added the little file tabs. 

Having the pockets allows the file to stand up without all of the papers falling out when I need a reminder there is unfinished business.
The tabs are labeled:  1) Homework 2) Completed 3) Progress 4) School Notices 5) Tools

The Bonus: it doesn't look like a mess of papers, wherever it's placed and it's a great way to get your children in the habit of keeping their school work situations through all of their education endeavors.  Especially when as they make their way up through the grades in school and faced with a much less structured educational environment.