Initiating Balance

Walk into any business supply store and you will be faced with a wall of planners; if you are like me, you are probably standing there with your mouth gaping open memorized by the possibilities of "perfect" organization.

The electronic route didn't seem to work for remembering the everyday tasks that seem to create utter chaos if left unmanaged, and found being able to map out the week on paper was pleasently methodical.    I do use google calender for the alarm for generally scheduled events to snap me out of my hyper focused state.

Planner pad has is an awesome calendar with it's funnel down approach.  You can chose your own subject titles or categories to fit your own needs for sorting your weekly activities.

To make the system work more efficiently, I carry it with me.  This is useful for those of us who tend to be overly optimistic about our available time.  The more I practice using this system, the less stressed I feel.

Creating Your Own Layout

Dining Room and Kitchen Merger

Small Cubby by Garage Access Door
With a fairly open simple floor plan, minimal storage space, and a tiny working kitchen, a few major changes were needed.

Before the remodel, I had to store the majority of my pantry items and any larger kitchen gadgets in the garage because there was very little storage designed into this classic 1970's California ranch style tract house.    

I wanted to share some of my favorite parts of my new kitchen layout that were essential to make the space more functional and family friendly.  There are few tiny details that still need to be finished, but for the most part it's finished. 

My favorite part of the entire remodel was the little cubby buy the garage door and the secret garbage can drawer in the island. 
Hidden Garbage Cans
It's definitely easier to keep clean and feels less cluttered.

Finishing Touches

Unfinished Business

In hell there is no other punishment than to begin over and over again the tasks left unfinished in your lifetime. ~ Andre Gide

Uses for Clear Shoe Pockets

Keep Your Organizing System Simple with Visual Clarity....Where's the Charger?

Keeping your System Easy

Normally within a few days, one can generally figure out if the system is going to work.
If an organizing system is not working, it will end up being and extra element of chaos to the general family programme. 

Each of us has our own style of keeping track of our possesions and sometimes the best solutions end up being very simple.   You need to evaluate what will work the best for you and your general style of keeping track of your "stuff".  When you have more than just yourself to look after, you don't want to spend extra time tracking down the thing that you need or spending extra money because you can't find the cable. 

You may have to experament a little to find a system that is easy to manage. 

Uses for Clear Shoe Storage Bags

With visual clarity, the shoe storage bag is great so we can find all those handy little chargers and extra cables for the computers, phones and cameras. 

Plus if you have just enough space with a little to spare you will remember to recycle your electronic cords when you upgrade your gadgets so you don't end up with 20 years worth of gadget wires squired away in the corner of the garage.

The pockets keep your cables from ending up on a giant ball of wires and great for quickly finding exactly what you need.  Just add a label if you need a reminder as to which cable belongs to which gadget.

Other Ideas for Shoe Organizer

I found a picture a fellow pinterest pinner posted using a similar over the door storage organizer for organizing her childs school supplies. Here's the link to her site if you are interested.  

If you have other pictures you would like to share for other uses, please send me a note with the attached photos and I'd love to add them on.