Initiating Balance

Walk into any business supply store and you will be faced with a wall of planners; if you are like me, you are probably standing there with your mouth gaping open memorized by the possibilities of "perfect" organization.

The electronic route didn't seem to work for remembering the everyday tasks that seem to create utter chaos if left unmanaged, and found being able to map out the week on paper was pleasently methodical.    I do use google calender for the alarm for generally scheduled events to snap me out of my hyper focused state.

Planner pad has is an awesome calendar with it's funnel down approach.  You can chose your own subject titles or categories to fit your own needs for sorting your weekly activities.

To make the system work more efficiently, I carry it with me.  This is useful for those of us who tend to be overly optimistic about our available time.  The more I practice using this system, the less stressed I feel.