Finishing Touches

Unfinished Business

In hell there is no other punishment than to begin over and over again the tasks left unfinished in your lifetime. ~ Andre Gide


With both boys back to school and the holidays finished, I finally have a little time to address the few little things that were never finished with my 2010 spring house remodel.    The disappointment of an incomplete job or project not finished the way that you initially visualized can be a nagging constant ache; especially if you are waiting for the person you intitally hired to complete the job.     The biggest visual eye sore was the 12 ft built-in that was supposed to match my beautiful new kitchen and look like a beefy piece of furniture with cabinet doors at the far ends to hide the more unsightly items along with some strip molding that fit between the kitchen cabinets and the wall,  

With much relief, I found someone local to finish a few things.  Although I haven't finished with the wall art, accessorizing, or decided on the wall color, there has been much improvement from the first picture.  With the backing and facing in place, visual rest will allow me to finally address the sizes for my floating wall boxes.