Creating a Beautiful Space

There are those of us that are extremely influenced by our environment.  We need to have a space that represents us in some magical way.  However, as with any decision, the process of making your space “just right” when you are easily influenced by a million other distractions can cause mental exhaustion.  Especially if you are on a budget and have a difficult time making a decision to begin with.   
Creating that beautiful space does not have to cost you a fortune, however you may need to learn the skill of using a staple gun or the complicated maneuvering of the old reliable safety pin.
All the furniture pieces on the patio were found locally on EBay and at very affordable prices.  The white furniture has a victorian flower type pattern that didn't represent the type of space I was trying to create, so I found some outdoor fabric that I loved and simply wraped the cushions with the new fabric and saftey pinned the bottoms.  The curtains were sheer silk curtains that were on super clearance at JcPenny's.  To stop them from blowing around in a slight breeze, the bottom side seam was opened and PVC pieces were inserted to weight them down.  They help create a beautiful environment filtering the light with a little added privacy.